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Torch Group is determined to comply with the letter and spirit of the law, in China and oversea countries, and to be fair and transparent in all its dealings.
Welcome to the Torch Group which was originated in 1961 and now have huge manufacturing facilities of ignition parts, filters, Lights and Cylinder Parts under the group. We at Torch Group are proud of our reputation ...
  • E6TC
    Small engine spark plug
  • A7RTC
    Motorcycle Spark Plug
  • R0B12-77
    Industrial Spark Plug
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Address: No.8, Lujing Road, National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone,
City: Changsha
Province: Hunan
Country: People Republic of China.
Postal Code: 410205
Phone: +86-731-84830658
Fax: +86-731-84830648
Email: sales@torchgroup.cn

Sophisticated OE spark plug assembly line, Help you to be professional spark plug manufacturer in your local market!
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